Proecting Children From Dangerous Websites


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Recently there has been a lot of news coverage about children setting up their own Facebook accounts without getting permission from their parents. We all know that there are dangers online that could harm our children. Whether its deranged pornographic images or online stalkers, parents need to know how they can protect children from dangers that lurk on the Internet.

Only Have One Computer in the House

Many children convince their parents to give them all kinds of electronics, including smart phones and computers, well before they are old enough to use them responsibly. This gives unfettered Internet access to your kids. You can avoid these dangers by only allowing one computer in the house and setting it up in a heavily trafficked room.

When you have the family computer in the living room, you can keep a closer eye on what your children do online. If you have a laptop for work, then keep it in your bedroom and only use it when you must. That way, you can set a good precedent for your kids.

Use Parental Blockers

You can’t keep an eye on your kids at all times. Your computer, however, can monitor them while they are online. Use software that allows you to block certain types of content. That way, your children won’t be able to access pornography, violent games, and chat rooms without your permission. Choose a password that your kids would never guess, and keep it secret. Children are naturally curious, so they’ll want to find out what’s on those blocked websites by guessing your password.

What methods have you used to keep your children safe online?

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