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Parenting Advice for Young Moms —

How Would the Cost of Child Support Affect Your Taxes?

Image via Flickr During a divorce in which children are involved, you have to consider many factors. One of them is child support. You will have to consider what the taxes will be for child support payments, especially if you are the one paying them. Based on what the agreement is in your divorce finalization, this will determine how your taxes will be affected. Who Pays What? As far as the person receiving child support payments, they are not taxable. It can be if the individual receiving the payments reports it as income on their taxes each year. If they do not, there is no penalty to the … [Read more...]

Android Phones for Young Moms

Remember when all you could do with a cell phone was talk on it? At the time, you may have been a happy-go-lucky college kid, but now, you’re a busy mom whose technological needs are way beyond just talking. Thankfully, in recent years, cell phone makers have produced some pretty impressive phones with some pretty remarkable specs, and they just keep getting better. Need a portable, rectangular six-ounce device capable of fitting in your purse, organizing your entire life and entertaining the kids? Mark that off your ‘to-do’ list: you need an Android. L is for … [Read more...]


There are times when you face inevitable financial crisis. Applying for emergency loans are necessary in these dire situations, which include but are not limited to unexpected car repairs, paying rent to prevent eviction, educational needs, medical emergencies, job-related issues such as retrenchment or immediate resignation, and even calamities. In these cases, there is a need to immediately access emergency cash. Making personal cash loans such as online loans provided by Plain Green Loans  gives the opportunity to people from various financial backgrounds (most especially to those with … [Read more...]

Unexpected Debt After Delivery: How Young Moms Can Cope

Each year, the cost of having a baby increases. From 1997 to 2007, the price tag associated with the hospital stay alone rose from $3,983 to $5,464—a hike of 37%. Once you add in all the other expenses - like car seats and diapers - it can feel like you're buried under a mountain of bills without an end in sight. Having a new baby is stressful enough without the added pressure of trying to make ends meet. Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about whether you'll ever feel financially secure again, try some of these tips to stretch your dollars just a little further. Doctor … [Read more...]

Prepaid Cell Phones: The Best for Each Age Group

Though prepaid cell phones have been slow to catch on the U.S., the country is certainly coming around to the idea of pay-as-you-go cell phone plans. Most of Europe already uses the prepaid system--in fact, 90% of Italy's cell phone market and 66% of the UK's market currently use prepaid plans. If you're thinking about going the prepaid route, be prepared to do some research: U.S. prepaid phones have come leaps and bounds in just a few years. Prepaid basic phones, smartphones, camera phones and parental control phones all abound in a head-spinning variety. We've collected our picks for the … [Read more...]

Short Term Gratification v Life Long Values

Image via Wikipedia Perhaps more than ever before, mothers are faced with the difficult problem of materialism. Today's world has created a 'must have' environment, with many children not understanding the true cost of the things they want. With new versions of their cell phone, MP3 player, and gaming systems coming out ever six months, and peers who seem to have it all, some of today's children are downright demanding of their parents and the material items they want. As parents, we must learn to tread this line delicately and make healthy decisions for our children and our … [Read more...]

Having a Relationship AND Children

Image via Wikipedia In today's world, more and more parents are single. With the divorce rate on the rise, it is not uncommon for a parent to find themselves in the interesting position of trying to date and develop relationships while being a parent. This can be a very trying time for parents and children alike. Handling the process with honesty and respect will make sure that everyone handles it as well as possible. First, remember that your children, no matter what their age, are not stupid. They likely realize that you have a need to form adult relationships. Be honest with your … [Read more...]

Proud Traditions For Blended Families

Image via Wikipedia In a large way, traditions are what define us. Often, these traditions are handed down from generation to generation and become a part of family life. From Easter egg hunts to Christmas decorations, every family has its own traditions. For those who have entered into the difficult world of the step-family, creating new traditions for the new family is an excellent way to begin the process of blending together. The question becomes how to develop new traditions that will have meaning. It is important to recognize that new traditions does not mean getting rid of old … [Read more...]

Preparing for Motherhood

Becoming a mother is an amazing and rewarding time in any parent’s life. While it’s completely exciting, preparing for motherhood can be a bit scary, especially for new mothers. This is why many mothers recommend creating a pregnancy checklist to help guide you though your first pregnancy. The checklist is meant to serve as a guide to help you stay on track and organized.  Keep in mind the checklist will vary from person to person. Deciding on the Prenatal Care Most expecting mothers like to decide the prenatal care and birth plan early on so they won’t have to think about it later … [Read more...]

Teaching Children to Live Without Materialism

Society pushes materialism on people from the moment that they can open their eyes and see advertisements. What philosophers such as Henry David Thoreau said 150 years ago, however, has become more and more obvious. Our society’s materialism can lead to its downfall. Image by epSos.de via Flickr As a parent, you want to teach your children to enjoy the good things in life without becoming attached to material possessions. That way, they can live happily without the confines of material greed. Preventing materialism, however, can require a lot of work for parents raising children in … [Read more...]